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The Winthrop Ambulance Service provides 24 hour response for emergency medical services. The fleet consists of two rigs:

  • 2007 Braun Chief XL Prestige Type III
  • 2014 Braun Chief XL Prestige Type III

The Winthrop Ambulance Service area consists of the City of Winthrop, City of Gibbon and parts of six townships: Alfsborg, Bismark, Cornish, Moltke, Severance and Transit.

Click here for a map of the service area: PDF Winthrop Ambulance Service Area (0.2 MB)

Captain: Cheryl Malheim
Vice Captain: Ed Stoll
Treasurer: Scot Kuester
Secretary: Cari Panitzke
Supply: Cheryl Malheim
Maintenance: Myranda Bauer
Maintenance: Verl Schmidt


  • Katie Uecker
  • Mindi Pagel
  • Justin TenEyck
  • Nick Schmidt
  • Cheryl Malheim
  • Karen Johnson
  • Trey Stoll
  • LaNae Crain-Schmidt
  • Ed Stoll
  • Amanda Hacker
  • Mike Burns
  • Verl Schmidt
  • Scot Kuester
  • Logan Lauritsen
  • Anna Theis
  • Cari Panitzke
  • Erin Wersal
  • Kristin McCue
  • Myranda Bauer

First Responders:

  • Ryan Froehlich
  • Leon Kley


PDF Winthrop Ambulance Service Area (0.2 MB)